Are your items congested in your place because you do not have an extra space to store them? You do not have to make your workplace look odd with items all over. The best option you have is to hire a storage Sydney facility where you can store some of these items and free your space. There are many storage unit facilities you can choose, but it is worth getting one that offers you great experience and services. This article offers you some of the considerations to make to get the best self-storage facility.

What do you want to store?

The first thing you should think about is what you want to store. The items you want to store will determine the size and type of unit to hire. For instance, in case you have antique furniture or heirlooms, you should opt for a climate-controlled unit. For your sports equipment or seasonal decorations, go for a small storage unit. The point here is to select a storage unit that can accommodate your items safely.

Consider good value

Since you are paying for the self-storage facility, make sure you get one offering you value for the money you spend in the process. The pricing of the units differs based on several factors including features, size, amenities, location and others. Always go for facilities providing specials or discounts for the best deal. In addition, be wary of some that have hidden fees that might make the price high in the long end. Pay for a unit best suited for your storage needs.

Where is the self-storage facility located?

This is a critical question to ask yourself since you do not want one that will inconvenience you. It is wise to hire a self-storage facility located nearest to your home or business. This helps avoid the inconveniences of having to travel long distances to get the items when you need them. Quick access to your items is the most critical factor to think about as you make your selection. However, note that if it is for your business, most of the self-storage units located in the mid of the city, are usually costly. So, put this in mind as you think about the location and consider cost-benefits involved.


The safety of your items is worth considering as you choose the self-storage facility to use. You do not want to store your items in a place with a high risk of theft or damage. Therefore, check for a facility located in a highly secured area where the crime rate is low. Besides, make sure that your items are protected from harsh weather elements that might damage them.

Amenities provided

Check for a self-storage unit with features that make it worth storing your items. Some of the amenities you should check out for include perimeter fencing, video surveillance, good lighting, CCTV cameras, 24 hours security and others. These are amenities that promote the safety of your items and give you peace of mind knowing that all is fine with your valuables.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Self-Storage Facility