"I've now joined the brunch bunch.  And, I've found one brunch that is particularly worthy of your late morning or early afternoon: Faustina's.  Faustina serves brunch on both Saturdays and Sundays and, in warm weather, you can enjoy brunch on Faustina's recently renovated patio, surrounded by tall pines, Japanese maple trees, bonsai bushes, hanging flowerpots, lime-colored umbrellas, and colorful peonies.  Incidentally, the patio isn't for brunch only; it's also available, when the weather cooperates, for dinner under the stars.  But, even as appealing as the Faustina atmosphere is, it's Executive Chef Billy Sotelo's culinary creations that turned around my option about brunch.  With Faustina's help, I've done a 180-degree turn where it comes to brunch, revising my opinion of it from boring to bodacious!"

- Ted Scheffler, City Weekly

"Best Bets for Patio Dining"

- IN This Week

"Dining at Faustina is a pleasure at any meal - weekend brunch, lunch or dinner.  A modern neighborhood restaurant with some big-city pizazz, it also has a great little patio."

- Virgina Rainey, Mustard & Marmalade

"We found a hip little brunch spot in Salt Lake that I think we'll be frequenting from now on.  Faustina serves up a delectable brunch under umbrellas and Japanese Maple trees on their secluded city patio in downtown Salt Lake.  Something always stand out when you visit a restaurant for the first time, whether good or bad.  At Faustina we were drawn in by the quality of service.  But service aside, the food was darn good.  Every bite delicious.  The Eggs Benedict over polenta was a dish that had us talking for days.  We later ran into some friends who were also raving about this dish and how they tried to make it at home the following day and couldn't get it quite right.  We thoroughly enjoyed our brunch on the patio at Faustina and we're glad to have found this little gem for future lazy weekend mornings this summer!"

- Becky Rosenthal, SLCFoodie.com

“Faustina, on a quiet, tree-lined stretch of 300 South, offers a cuisine and an atmosphere that are both elegant and sophisticated, yet cozy and approachable. It's one of my favorite lunch and dinner spots in downtown Salt Lake City. For dinner, Faustina Executive Chef Billy Sotelo puts a sophisticated, creative spin on traditional dishes. To complement the food, General Manager Hillary has selected a variety of unique wines from around the world.
Faustina has a hip and elegant, yet approachable and friendly atmosphere, with sleek midcentury modern decor. There's an intimate lounge area in addition to the main dining room. Faustina has a pleasant garden patio, shaded by colorful canopies during sunny weather. Faustina also features a banquet room, beautifully decorated with an aspen theme, that almost feels like dining in the forest.”

- Marsha Maxwell, About.com

“A winner of the Nocholas & Co., Ultimate Chef Comepetition, Billy Sotelo is the executive chef for the LaSalle Restaurant Group, and his passion for cooking with fresh, local ingredients is evident on the menus at Faustina and Oasis Café.”

- City Weekly’s Dining Guide 2011

“I’ve always liked Faustina, but for some reason I haven’t been there in quite a while. However, a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a summer menu preview and I got to go see what Executive Chef Billy Sotelo and General Manager Hillary Merrill are up to. And let me just cut to the chase, they are up to YUM.
From the first bite of the Lamb Chop appetizer to the last sip of the Dow Tawny Port (served with a perfectly made Panna Cotta) my taste buds were rapidly replacing about half of the other restaurants on my “regular” list with Faustina’s name. And although we didn’t sit out on the patio, I was reminded of how nice it is as we walked inside. I’m seriously annoyed with myself for letting Faustina slide off my go-to list, and after the warm reception we received, it will definitely be in heavy rotation from now on.”

- Stuart Melling, GastronomicSLC.com

“For years I’ve enjoyed going to Faustina. I love the cozy neighborhood setting toward the east end of 300 South, which has always been inviting and centrally located. I’ve been a happy customer at Faustina for years and I always enjoy the food and the atmosphere.”

- Drew Ellsworth, QSaltLake

“Chef Billy Sotelo is tweaking the menu here according to his award-winning sensibilities. Lobster pot pie still makes an appearance as an appetizer, and blueberry soufflé is still the grandest finale, but a recent tasting dinner showcased Sotelo’s talent for bringing lightness and excitement to the plate. A summer watermelon salad with berries, cashews and goat cheese was brilliant; asiago-crusted scallops came in a flavorful tomato-saffron broth with a tangle of cappellini and sweet peas. Lovely!

- Mary Malouf, Salt Lake Magazine

“The chic space is filled with regulars for lunch and dinner, especially in warm weather when the discreet off-street patio beckons. Lamb chops in a nice cherry reduction comes with wine-roasted shallots and celery chips.”

- Salt Lake Official Visitors Guide 2011

Listen to Bill Allred from The Let's Go Eat Show interview General Manager Hillary Merrill